Scott + Amanda | Aurora Colony Vineyard Wedding

One of my favorite parts of wedding days is the toasts from the people closest to the bride and groom. Scott and Amanda’s friends all shared one common theme, separately they are incredible human beings but they are so much better together. This was so evident throughout the entire day. They showed so much comfortability with each other, like this day had always been meant to be and it was finally here. I loved how much fun they had with their friends but always found their way back to one another throughout different moments of the day. The overcast day allowed us to explore Aurora Colony Vineyards for some beautiful portraits. While my weather app (that I was checking feverishly thought the day) said it was currently raining exactly where we were, we didn't feel a drop all day. It's like the skies knew something special was happening and showered us with grace instead.

Scott and Amanda's wedding day was easygoing, relaxed and full of joyous moments.

The absolute best kind of wedding day!

Thank you Scott and Amanda for letting me be a part of your wedding day!