George & Hannah | Phoenix Art Museum Wedding

This wedding was an extra special one! When I very first started out in photography I was super lucky to get to assist and learn from some amazing photographers. Some of my first wedding photography experiences were assisting and shooting with this bride, Hannah's, brother in law and sister! And over the years they've trusted me to capture their family photos, and gave me the ultimate honor of shooting their sister's wedding! There is no greater compliment than another photographer hiring me to photograph them and their family. I'm so thankful for the support Tom and Sarah have given me over the years and photographing this DREAM wedding was just the best.

Hannah and George are EVERYTHING you want in a bride and groom. Fun, laid-back, trusting, funny, and totally in love with one another! They were so excited this day had finally come and it was perfection. Hannah and George had this comfortability around each other that you could feel just by being near them.

Their whole day was planned and executed so well. The Phoenix Art Museum is so different than most wedding venues and it was so fun to shoot in! There used to be a time that new and different venues that were outside of my comfort zone terrified me but now I’ve learned to appreciate them and take in the inspiration! We were able be creative and make beautiful portraits surrounded by beautiful art.

Hannah and George's wedding is one that will go down in the history books, no doubt! Scroll down to see why!