Oliver Oath Two Years + Six Months | Personal

It's amazing the difference that a year makes. For Oliver's 1 & 1/2 year old photos I did an in-home relaxed style shoot (you can see it here!) and since he just turned 2 & 1/2 I wanted to recreate the same type of shoot! This last year has been such a huge year for our family and this little guy has changed into a little kid right before our eyes!

Oliver still loves books just as much as ever. He speaks in full sentences and has entered the questions asking stage. His favorites right now are "What's going on? What's happening? What are you doing mom?" ALL DAY LONG. He loves swimming and any other water play. The best word I have to describe him is "wild." He runs, jumps, climbs, spins and is moving non-stop throughout the entire day! Luckily he is still a good sleeper and takes 3 hour naps and sleeps 12 hours at night! Hallelujah! He can count to 15, knows his colors and we're working on spelling his name. Any time of day you can find him singing and dancing. He is obsessed with drums and wants to play Joe's drum kit every day. He likes cars, planes and sports- he is into playing baseball and loves watching football! He is incredibly opinionated and is constantly testing his boundaries but is still such a happy kid and runs up to us multiple times a day and says "gimme hug!"

He drives us crazy but we love him immensely.

Just like last year I set up my tripod and jumped in a few quick photos with my little man! I am planning on making this a yearly thing for the two of us, we'll see how he feels about it when he's 16!