Sara & Philip | A Golden McCormick Ranch Golf Club Wedding

There are 3 things this wedding had an abundance of- gold, bling and love. Three of my favorite things! Everything about Sara and Philip's McCormick Ranch Golf Club wedding was perfection! They put so much effort into every detail to make sure their wedding day reflected their cultures and personalities and it came out beautifully. I love weddings that are rich in culture and tradition and this one did not disappoint. Scroll down to read some of my favorite traditions!

I mean, rose gold sequin bridesmaid dress? So perfect for detail shots-I die!

The ceremony is rich with old customs and stunning details conducted around an elaborate spread of symbolic items to ward off the evil eye. The spread, which is called sofreh aghd, often has food and floral arrangements, among other things, as well as a mirror called a aayeneh-ye bakht, which is the mirror of fate. For Persians, marriage is an important day not only for the couple, but also for the two families uniting as one. While the ceremony is conducted, single women or female relatives of the couple hold a fine cloth, over the couple’s head. They alternate grinding the sugar cones over the bride and groom’s head, adding more sweetness to their life together. Other traditions include a bowl of honey being presented to the couple, and the groom dips his finger into the honey and gives it to his bride. The bride reciprocates and offers her husband honey, as well. Again, the sweet of the honey symbolizes a sweet life together.

Now THIS is how you do mix and match bridesmaid dresses! I loved that Sara had her girls all carry a single white rose to show off the dresses!


When the couple are ready to cut the cake, they have to earn the knife! A female family member or friend will start dancing with the knife, and the couple must offer money to the dancer in exchange for the knife. But the dancer may be coy and take the money and pass the knife to another woman to continue the knife dance!

And then the dancing begins and goes all night!

Congratulations again you two! I wish you both all the best in your new journey as husband and wife!

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