Stephanie & Nate | A Colorful Scottsdale Wedding at The Saguaro Hotel

Stephanie and Nate had one of the most fun, relaxed, celebratory and colorful weddings I've ever photographed! The pops of color, rad bridal party and sentimental ceremony all added to an unforgettable day. I loved the mix of the modern environment at the Saguaro Hotel and the Scottsdale Civic Center along with the traditional Jewish traditions and wedding customs. These two were so excited to get married and celebrate their commitment with their friends and family and they had one of the best receptions- EVER! Got You Covered did an amazing job DJ'ing their party, I even got in on the dance floor once the 90's rap starting playing! Congratulations again you two! I wish you years of happiness and FUN!

These guys were way too fun to hold the "serious" face for long!

According to Jewish tradition, the bride circles the groom seven times. Just as the world was built in seven days, the bride is figuratively building the walls of the couple's new world together. The number seven also symbolizes the wholeness and completeness that they cannot attain separately.

The Rabbi taking a selfie in the middle of the ceremony is one of my favorite ceremony moments ever!

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