Ryan & Kimberly | Tempe Engagement Session

I love shooting at places that are special to my couples! We did this engagement session at the same place Ryan first asked Kimberly to be his girlfriend and then later proposed and it could not have been more perfect. During my first meeting with them last December, Kimberly and Ryan told me how much they loved the Tempe Center for the Arts since it held such a sentimental meaning to them and although it wasn't the right fit for their wedding they knew they wanted to do their engagement photos there! A few weeks after our meeting we found out that Tempe Town Lake was going to be drained and not refilled for MONTHS! Luckily, Kimberly and Ryan are early planers and we could wait to do their session until the lake was filled and still have 7 months before their wedding day! I loved incorporating their favorite spots at this venue and finding new favorites of my own! I can't wait for their wedding day later this year at the beautiful Villa Seinna in Gilbert!

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