Justin & Courtney | Gilbert Family Engagement Session

These four officially become a family today! And not just any family- MY family! My sister, Courtney, is marrying this great guy and I FINALLY get to be an aunt to these two adorable munchkins! Ever since the first night I met Justin I knew there was something different about him. Maybe it was the fact that he had kids or that we knew mutual friends from high school or maybe it was the fact that he wasn't scared away from my sisters and my crazy shenanigans that night but I could tell there was something. Over the next couple of months we all knew that this was the real deal. Justin and his kids blended perfectly with our wild family and we were instantly obsessed with Kyrie and Rylind! We are so excited to add them to our family and celebrate with them today!

After some family shots the kiddos hung out with their new Aunt Keke while I grabbed a few photos of just Courtney and J!

And my favorite, because these smiles on their faces says it all.

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