Personal | Oliver Oath Turns ONE!

My sweet baby boy turned ONE over the weekend! This guy is my sunshine on any given day. Being his mom has changed me in ways I could never have imagined. Even the hardest days are better than any day before he was a part of our lives. This past year has gone by so quickly and as excited as I am to watch him grow, I am always hoping time slows down just a little bit.

Oliver Oath- you are smart, adorable, hilariously funny, and have the best belly laugh. Your dad and I love you beyond words!

I serverely failed at documenting his first year with my "real" camera so I was excited to head out to my favorite local park and take his 1 year old photos! I also including some photos from his Woodland One-derland birthday party and cake smash below too!

Oliver's awesome Aunties came along to help me get some smiles and I'm so glad they hopped in these last couple of photos with him!

On Sunday we threw a "Woodland ONEderland" birthday party and had a blast! I wish I had taken more photos because my family and I put SO much effort into it and it came out better than I ever imagined. We had so many friends come to celebrate our little man, the amount of people that love our Oliver is overwhelming! We had rented a bounce house for the older kiddos and it was the best decision I made for the party- seriously! The kids had a blast and it allowed the parents to just hang out and relax. We had a play area for the smaller kids with climbing toys, Oliver's tee pee, bubble wands and coloring tables with the cutest twig colored pencils that I LOVED! I ordered square photo prints from Oliver's first year of life from Social Print Studio (which I highly recommend!) and strung the photos around the party. Another favorite was the trail mix bar we put together! We had individual treat bags and containers full of peanuts, pretzels, raisins, chocolate and peanut butter chips, banana chips and frosted cheerios. Everyone could make their own mix and take it home. For food we also had S'mores bites, "Wild Berries" fruit cups, veggie tray, pinwheel sandwhiches, and big soft pretzels with cheese! We had a little smash cake made for Oliver to dig into and ordered tons of cupcakes for everyone to enjoy. I made the cake topper banner which I think turned out pretty cute :) When we finally let Oliver dive into his cake he started with the smallest bites of just frosting before really digging in with both hands. Once he tasted the chocolate cake he really went for it and it was the cutest! After a few bites he had it up his nose, in his hair and totally covered with cake! Although, he must have partied a little too hard because he ended up projectile vomiting cake all over his room later on! We really had the best time and are so thankful to everyone who came to celebrate our little guy turning ONE!

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