Hi! I'm Meagan and I'm a wedding photographer capturing soft, romantic and timeless images in Arizona & Oregon.

I'm happily married to my husband, Joe - we celebrate 10 years of marriage this year! We planned a big wedding then scratched all our plans and threw together a backyard wedding in 10 days. We gathered our families in my parent's backyard and said “I do” under an orange tree.


While it may seem strange that as a wedding photographer I didn’t want an all out wedding myself, it was the reason behind the big wedding that I connect with more. Marriage is the most rewarding (and challenging!) gift.


I believe in marriage. 

I believe it can make two people become even better versions on themselves.

I believe there is beauty in putting someone else before yourself.

Cherishing and honoring one another.


The reason I love weddings so much is I know what comes after that day,

and it’s so much better. 

I'm a proud mama to the cutest little boy, Oliver Oath and the

sweetest baby girl Ellie Rain.

I was born and raised in the midwest, spent my high school and college days in Arizona then started a family and spent a few years in the PNW. We are now back in Arizona and looking forward to spending our summers at the Oregon coast and wine country!

I’m a recovering Diet coke addict and now rely
solely on iced coffee

to get through the day.


I’m a 2 on the Enneagram test which means I am incredibly relational and love to serve others. Which makes all the sense in the world of why I love this job so much! What’s more relational than a wedding day?


Serving my clients well fills my soul and gives me immense joy. 

I am passionate about life and love and family.

Helping create moments and capturing connection is a true honor. 

A few things I want you to know - I believe that:

Jesus loves you.

Black lives matter. (matter is the minimum.)

Love is love.

I'd love to hear from you and see what memories we can create for you! 

Get in touch

meagangibsonphoto@gmail.com | 480.626.3972